Six ways to boost your business social media presence

Social media has never been so important to boosting your business, so boosting your social media is a quick and proven way of giving your business that extra kick and momentum. Here’s our top 6 tips to help you on your way to Social Media success:

  1. Think like a customer

    It’s great to have a presence on this social media platform and that social media platform and there is something to be said about the SEO value in that, but if your potential or current customers don’t use Facebook, you are probably wasting your time. Don’t spread yourself too thin and focus on the channels that are likely to bring you your best rewards. As well as being in the right places, make sure your conversations/content are in line with your brand and what your customers are after. Take a quick look at some of your customers profiles, what else do they like? What are they talking about? Knowing your customers engagement habits means you will immediately gain better engagements.

  2. Images are great!

    Images and videos are great engagement tools and will likely gain you more shares, likes and comments. But don’t think that a related stock pic is all you need to maximise your benefit. Think about the titles, descriptions an the #Hashtags.

  3. Use the ‘hidden’ features of the platforms

    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they all have their own little widgets and features that few people know exist or know how to use but they really can help your business use social media more effectively. One of the best is Facebook’s promotion/offer tab, it’s great when your business is running a special offer and you want to get it out there quickly to your entire audience.

  4. Monitor your follower progress

    Each follower to your social accounts could be a potential new deal so pay them some attention. Avoid using automatic welcome (that’s way too obvious), try to engage new people and at the very least take fifteen minutes every day to take a look at the profiles of new followers to see who they are and think about how you might engage with them in the future. Take a look for new people to follow too, on the back of your new followers as building a presence is a two-way process.

  5. Link Google Analytics with social and your site

    If you are not yet using the most essential free online tool, shame on you and get it now! Google Analytics has dramatically improved it’s social integration and monitoring over the last decade. You can monitor the channel name, what they are sharing and even link it to a specific campaign using the traffic URL builder. Plus use goals within Google Analytics and you can begin to collect insightful data as to how your social media integration is progressing.

  6. Get out in the field

    Social media is intended to be social and to be honest being sat behind a desk in an office is not the most sociable of positions. Social media works fantastically at meetings, conferences and lectures. Get to events and make sure you are involved in discussions going on, on the official hashtag. Keep an eye on who else is on the same stream too, they could be future partners or customers.

Being social is where social media comes into its own, don’t forget that.

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